Why hire a DJ for your wedding ceremony?

A lot of people don’t even realise that a DJ CAN provide the music for your wedding ceremony.

And yet it’s something myself and fellow professionals do on a regular basis. And not how you’d expect.

Firstly, I don’t provide the ceremony music with massive PA systems and flashing lights (believe it or not, I can do very subtle as well!). In fact, my ceremony setup tends to consist of a single discreet speaker and a small mixing desk.

I generally site myself away from your guests towards the back of your ceremony and take my cues from the Registrar or Celebrant as to when things like specific pieces of music (as chosen by you of course) need to be played.

The whole system is wirelessly controlled, so I don’t need to be sitting next to it in plain sight of your guests and your photographer.

Jemima & Ed's wedding at Horsley Hale Farm
My discreet, fully battery operated ceremony system allows me to provide the soundtrack to the important part of the day even without electricity

But, why should you consider using me for your wedding ceremony? 

After all, most venues have CD players and if they don’t – what’s wrong with using a phone and a portable speaker?

Actually, an update since the days of Covid and Brexit….many hotels now CAN’T provide this service due to a lack of staff and I’m being asked more and more often to provide it!

Well, nothing if you don’t mind the music being played at different volume levels and don’t necessarily want all of your guests to hear it.

I’ve actually heard stories of the wrong music being played at the wrong times by having venue staff or relations in charge of it…..and that’s not really something you want for your special moment is it?

There are even cases where the music has been streamed from a guest’s mobile phone and been interrupted by an incoming call or even worse, adverts during the streamed clip!

And does your portable Bluetooth speaker have the power to fill the room and carry over the heads of your assembled guests? 

Probably not! (The speaker in the picture by the way is capable of producing up to 120 decibels if needed)

Ollie & Lauren's wedding at Sussex Barn in Burnham Market with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment
It's nice to give your guests some gentle but meaningful background music whilst they wait for the ceremony to commence

By hiring a professional, I can also make things just that little bit more personalised.

  • Why not have your partner’s choice of music played as the guests enter the ceremony room, and then have a “secret” track (I call it the trigger song) which you’ve both selected to let him/her know you’ve arrived and will shortly be joining them for the ceremony?
  • Do you want your Processional (that’s the song you walk up the aisle to) to start from the beginning or is there a certain point in the track which would be better? For instance, timing the song so that you arrive at the Registrar/Celebrant just as the chorus starts.
  • Why not inject your personalities into a “theme” for the music? I’ve provided ceremony music which includes movie soundtracks, Disney themes and even rock music in the past. There are rules which must be obeyed if using the services of a Registrar (for instance, no reference can be made to religion or God in the music), and all choices will need to be cleared with your Registrar. Such restrictions do not apply if using a Celebrant for your service.
  • How about a little humour for your Recessional (where you walk back up the aisle as a married couple)? Examples include Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder and Celebrate by Kool & The Gang.

    Of course, it’s entirely up to you!

Jemima & Ed's wedding at Horsley Hale Farm
Can you see the ceremony system at this recent wedding?

It’s all part of the service I’m able to offer to couples getting married, and something I’m always honoured to be asked to do.

So why not consider hiring me to provide the soundtrack to the most special part of YOUR day?

Check my availability for YOUR wedding day

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