Your first dance track – with a personal touch

Regular readers will have seen that I spent last Sunday and Monday at the ProMobile Conference, a meeting of like-minded DJs who are working together to improve the services and quality of service we provide.

An idea I picked up during the conference was a real eye-opener…

One of the keynote speeches was by an American DJ known as Bill Hermann. He’s actually someone I’ve followed online for a while because he does things just a little bit differently – and it’s something I admire.

The idea I liked? Personalised first dances!

Let me explain…

In the USA (and becoming more popular over here in the UK) is a tradition called “The Love Story”. In a nutshell, the bride and groom are interviewed and recorded separately before the wedding day to discuss things like how they met, what they adore about each other, how they fell in love…

This is then compiled over a meaningful track and played to the guests during the wedding reception. It can actually work really well and create one of those tear-jerking moments that weddings are so renowned for.

However, Bill takes this one step further…

He edits the first dance track to include snippets from the Love Story interviews so that meaningful quotes are played as the couple dance. 

During the conference, a couple of examples were played to us (including one where the groom had physically recorded the first dance track in a recording studio with him playing the guitar and singing)…..I think most of us were stifling tears at some point. The romance of the surprise was astounding!

So…how would YOU like your first dance to be personalised?

It’s really simple to do. I need to record a quick interview with each of you separately (it’s important you don’t know what each other are saying). Then on the night, snippets of your interview are played over your first dance. Neither you or your guests will have any idea of the snippets to be used until the day itself.

If you’re interested in having your first dance song personalised, why not get in touch for a no-obligation chat about YOUR big day?

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