Anniversary at Ely Golf Club: Emma & Jason

I love entertaining at wedding anniversaries. It’s similar to a wedding, but there are a lot fewer formalities and timelines.

Saturday night was Emma and Jason’s 10th anniversary party at Ely Golf Club, a venue I always enjoy working in. It’s a really nice venue with friendly staff and an excellent chef.

The evening started off as is usual for most functions with guests arriving and settling in for a drink and a chat before the buffet was served. During this time, I took the opportunity to play a few tracks for the three children who were there, and then into background music whilst everyone ate at the other end of the function room.

After a quick (and hilarious speech) from Jason, it’s time to party.

The dance floor in the golf club isn’t the biggest in the world, and probably holds around 20-30 dancers comfortably. Once the party was underway, we proved that point.

Music ranged from some Queen and Quo for Jason’s dad, to chart hits and a little bit of everything in between. 80s and 90s club classics took centre stage, as did just a little bit of party cheese. At one point, we even had a “worm dance challenge” (it’s a male ego thing 😉 ).

All in all, a brilliant night and a really good group of guests who were up for a party.

Some Photos

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