Natasha & Henry

Another wedding at the stunning Old Hall

Natasha & Henry's wedding reception at The Old Hall in Ely with Imagine Wedding & Party EntertainmentLast Monday saw me back at one of my more regular venues, The Old Hall in Ely for Natasha and Henry’s evening wedding reception.

Natasha had booked me just over a year ago, which is becoming the norm of late (I’ve already got a LOT of bookings going into 2019 and 2020!).

She’d also opted to use my LOVE letter setup. It’s not something that’s used too often these days, but in The Old Hall looks spectacular and theatrical. It was also a chance to try out some new wash lighting I’ve invested in (they’re the lights which give a wash of colour on the dance floor rather than leaving it dark)….they may be small but Oh Boy, they’re bright!

Natasha and Henry had opted not to do a first dance. It’s not for everyone (you may not feel comfortable dancing alone in front of your friends and family), so it was straight into the party. In The Old Hall, this means the cake is cut, the dividing curtain between the dance marquee and the breakfast room is drawn back, and it’s full on party time.

Natasha had previously told me that she was into chart music….not a problem. So the evening started off with a couple of more recent “classics” (Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake and Bruno Marr’s Uptown Funk), and as I announced that requests were more than welcome, the call came from the ‘floor for Abba. Okey-dokey.

From there we went into several different genres covering everything from the Motown favourites to the current chart – I was rewarded with a full dance floor….happy DJ 🙂

Unfortunately, Henry was taken ill during the evening which meant that he and Natasha made an early exit from proceedings. This sadly meant that after a long day, many of the guests decided to head for home as well which is normal when a bride and groom leave early.

Undeterred, the remaining guests made up for this with dancing for the duration (it makes it a little more personal when there’s fewer guests and at times like those I prefer to play exactly what they want to hear and in the order they ask for it…it keeps them happy and if the guests are happy, I’m happy).

So, a good start with a quiet finish – weddings can be like that sometimes.

All the best for a long and happy future together Natasha and Henry.


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