Wedding DJ at The Old Hall: Vikki & Phil

My last wedding of the 2017 season at The Old Hall in Ely was a little “different” from normal Old Hall weddings.

Usually, a wedding at The Old Hall will see me setting up a black rig with or without LOVE letters depending on the client’s wishes (the black equipment is perfectly suited to the star-lit marquee).

How was Vikki & Phil’s wedding different?

It was an ’80s themed wedding (and yes, that included the wedding cake in the shape of a Rubik’s cube as well!). It also meant that they wanted ’80s music for the evening, and the Retro Roadshow as the disco setup.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to this one because it was a little different from the norm.

The wedding reception itself was one of the smallest as far as numbers go that I’ve done at The Old Hall, with just 50 guests, 12 of those being young children. It was never going to be a big night for dancing, but sometimes that’s the way of wedding receptions.

The setup

As already mentioned, this was to be an outing for the Retro Roadshow (which incidentally has been used for several weddings this year….’80s weddings are definitely becoming a theme at the moment).

Because of the layout and styling of the dance marquee in The Old Hall, I had the rare opportunity to take the full 16′ light show out (it just fitted onto the stage). Also in attendance was my Rubik’s cube which was placed by the dance floor and controlled wirelessly.

To see the Retro Roadshow in this environment was brilliant 🙂

The music

As already mentioned, Phil and Vikki are heavily into their ’80s music….what’s not to like? So it was the rule that the music for the evening (including the first dance) was to be from that decade.

The music itself spanned the entire decade and all sorts of genres. A lot of fun from my side of the controls.

It was never, however, going to be a big dancing night with a lot of the guests disappearing to take their children home shortly after the first dance. The dozen or so that remained though spent plenty of time visiting the dance floor during the evening. Unfortunately though, it did mean large periods of no dancers whilst they stopped for rests, drinks and a catch-up.

Eventually, the end of the evening came around with just 6 guests left in attendance. After saying my goodnights at the end of the last song, I was immediately thanked by Vikki, Phil and the remaining guests for the selection of music.

So, not the busiest of dance floors as sometimes happens, but fun all the same and more than appreciated by the important people of the evening.

All the best for a long and happy future Vikki & Phil.

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