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Congratulations Wendy & Mark

Wendy & Mark's Wedding Reception at The Glebe in Sutton with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

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Fun & Games at your wedding

The Shoe Game with Imagine Wedding & Party Entertainment

I’m a firm believer that the wedding breakfast should be about more than just the scraping of cutlery on crockery! A wedding can be a very long day, especially if your guests have travelled any distance to help you to celebrate. Why not add a little fun into the afternoon to raise a few smiles … Read more

How I helped 48 wedding couples realise the reception of their dreams in 2017

Holly & Dale's wedding reception at The Old Hall in Ely

It seems like a bold statement to make, but last year I helped 48 wedding couples to realise the wedding reception they’d dreamed of. If you’re in the process of planning your own wedding reception and are currently looking for wedding entertainment, this is how I work with couples when they approach me to enquire … Read more